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It is our ultimate goal to discover a cure for diabetes.  We know that this is a long road but we are intent on maximizing the potential by funding the highest quality clinical and scientific research at the very best research institutions. 


Diabetes Transplant Summit: Islet Transplant CURES Type 1 Diabetes, Interested?

Learn firsthand from two islet cell recipients their life-saving journey. Watch their testimony today!

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about islet transplantation.

The Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation sponsored the Diabetes Transplant Summit that took place in Bethesda, Maryland. Please take a moment to watch the interview and hear their amazing stories. Dr. Hering from Schulze Diabetes Institute provided details about the islet cell transplant and Kathy White shared her journey of her transplant.

 Read more about Kathy's story: Download a article in our May issue

Learn more about the islet cell transplant at the Schulze Diabetes Institute at U of Minnesota. Contact U of Minnesota at: 612-624-8402

Find out if you are eligible for the transplant

Read personal stories of people who have had the human islet cell transplant

Patient video of islet cell transplant: http://youtu.be/6P-HRB3C06A 


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